About Candles by Shoma

I use soy wax rather than paraffin wax for my candles. It is natural, doesn’t release harmful toxins into the air when melted, has a cleaner burn and is environmentally friendly as it’s derived from soybeans.

I have created a set of scented candles with similar fragrances to some famous high street brands, all handmade, using cotton wicks. In addition, because I use soy wax, once the candle has finished burning, the glass container can be easily cleaned with some hot soapy water and re-used as a drinking glass!

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For those of you with concerns about having lit candles around children or pets, I’ve also created matching room diffusers for continuous fragrance.

So why not add some luxurious scent to your house?

Hello, my name is Shoma, I live in West Kirby on the Wirral and I love scented candles. I love not only the smell that fills the room but also watching the flicker of the flame, so relaxing and calming after a hectic day.

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